Appycity Platform Training

Perfect for the Appycity app owner who likes to manage their business application on their own. 

  • Videos updated to meet new platform building requirements at no additional cost
  • New videos added to your package at no additional cost

What You Receive

Annual Subscription

  • 32 instructional videos
  • 5 App Building Tips videos
  • 2 fully interactive eGuides
  • 7 day a week support to guide your app building process
  • 1 full year of access to your training videos and application building support

Training Videos

CityApp Lessons - The Basics

Lesson 1: Adding Pages

Lesson 2: Building a Menu

Lesson 3: Connecting Pages and Components

Lesson 4: Adding a Bullseye Display

Lesson 5: Adding Section Header and Icon Button

Lesson 6: Adding Advertising Banners

Lesson 7: Adding a YouTube Channel, Part 1

Lesson 8: Adding a YouTube Channel, Part 2 - API Key

Lesson 9: Adding a YouTube Channel, Part 3

Lesson 10: Setting Up a Social Feed

Lesson 11: Building Business Categories

Lesson 12: Building Event Categories

Lesson 13: Adding a Business User

Lesson 14: Adding Business Clients

Lesson 15: Customizing Business Pages

Lesson 16: Adding Events

Flipping Book

Application Design Tips

Restaurant Marketing Tips

App Image Basics

Modifying Images

YouTube Custom Thumbnail

Embedding YouTube Live Streams




Business App Lessons - Advanced

Lesson 17: Adding Businesses, Names, Addresses, & Logos

Lesson 18: Adding Businesses, Categories & Social Media

Lesson 19: Adding Businesses - Business Coupons

Lesson 20: Business Categories, Advanced

Lesson 21: App Dashboards

Lesson 22: Adding Content to Business App Pages

Lesson 23: Connecting Buttons to Business Categories

Lesson 24: Setting Business Default Page Template

Lesson 25: Connecting Links & Videos

Lesson 26: Connecting User Profiles to Businesses

Lesson 27: Custom Forms: Introduction and Overview

Lesson 28: Business Page Sub-pages

Lesson 29: Notifications

Lesson 30: Real Estate Blinds

Lesson 31: YouTube Live Streaming, Part 1

Lesson 32: YouTube Live Streaming, Part 2


Interactive eGuides

  • Videos incorporated into the eGuide for your viewing convenience.
  • Interactive Table of Contents and tabs let you move to where you want to be with a click. 
  • Bookmark where you left off 
  • Available 24/7.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Browser friendly. 

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