Module 1 - Basic Components


Designer Lesson 1 

Adding App Pages


  • Add Page to Root

  • Add Page Under Current


  • Complete Lesson 1 video instruction

  • Complete Lesson 1 Activities


  • To gain an understanding of the types of pages found on all AppyCity applications


  • Lesson 1 Video:Adding Pages

  • Training App – Lesson 1 Example 1, Example 2


Design Concepts: Creating Engaging Pages

Page Types

What types of pages would be needed for an engaging and informative business app? Interesting pages highlight services and products and push out notifications on special events and sales. To the right are three examples of possible applications.

Notice that each of the apps uses a bullseye display to bring the user deeper into the app. A bullseye display allows for several choices without requiring vertical scrolling. Laddered pages can be placed below a bullseye display or one or more additional bullseye can be added below the fold (what is visible without scrolling).  A social feed can be added below the bullseye display. 

Throughout this course you will be introduced to several different types of components and pages app owners can add to their application, whether a city, business, or education application. You will be shown how to add pages and the many components that can be added to each page. 


City App

Business App

Education App

To start practicing adding pages to an app, click on the Lesson Activity button.