Designer Lesson 10 

Event Categories


  • Add an event category


  • Complete Lesson 10 video instruction

  • Complete Lesson 10 activities


  • Organizing events into categories is an efficient way to assist users with easily finding information they want.


  • Lesson 10 video: Event Categories

  • Training App – Lesson 10 Events

Design Concepts: Organizing Event Categories

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.18.41 PM.png

The city application shown on the right moves the user from the home page to an events categories page. When users tap or click on Activities, they are taken to a variety of activity choices. Clicking or tapping any of the categories takes the user to a list of what’s available, geolocated to their location so they can quickly see which venue in their chosen category is closest to them. From there, tapping on a button for a desired venue will provide directions, ticket information, a description of the event, and much more.

Dividing events into categories helps users quickly and efficiently find an event of high interest, and smoothly transitions them to the information they need to have about an event.