Designer Lesson 12 

Adding a Business Class


  • Adding a business or class page to the application


  • Complete Lesson 12 video instruction

  • Complete Lesson 12 activities


Adding a business or class page,

  • develops revenue.

  • geolocates the business.

  • provides the business or class with an app page.

  • creates incentives for the business to advertise on the app.


  • Lesson 12 video: Adding a Business or Class

  • Lesson training app

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 7.26.48 AM.png

Design Concepts: Organizing Event Categories

This 3-click example shows how Adding a Business is used to add classes to an AppyCity education application. A student or parent tapping on “Math Classes” will be taken to a page that shows the different math classes being taught at the school. A tap on a specific math class takes the user to the class page with features placed on the page by the teacher or teacher’s assistant. Notice that homework assignments, classroom lectures that can be viewed outside of class, classroom events and academic support, as well and an opportunity to support a classroom project through donations, and more, all can be tucked onto a class page and accessed with a tap.

This offers true academic advantages not only for students attending class daily, but also for homebound students. It also provides opportunities for teachers to showcase class projects and student achievements.