Designer Lesson 14 

Adding Events



  • Populating an application with events


  • Complete Lesson 14 video instruction

  • Complete Lesson 14 activities


Populating an application with events:

  • Provides an opportunity to earn revenue.

  • Enhances your app with rich content that engages users.

  • Places your events higher in search results since all events are indexed by Google.


  • Lesson 14 video: Adding Events

  • Lesson training app


Design Concepts: Image Sliders

Multiple images can be added to highlight the information on a page. Image sliders are a creative way to capture user interest. Where one image is interesting, multiple images create a story, and may intrigue the user to move deeper into the application.

Image sliders can be used to energize an event and heighten user interest. Study these event pages. The events are easy accessed by the user and categorized by user interest. Some events may be in more than one category. Each event has a full description and event details. Scrolling presents the user with other events in the tapped category.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.59.24 AM.png


With a tap on an event button, more information can be learned about each event. By simply scrolling to the left or right, I can view other images related to the event. How do image sliders showcase events accessed from the Events page? How are images placed on an Event Information page?