Designer Lesson 3 

Connecting Pages & Components


  • Connect application pages

  • Connect application components


  • Complete Lesson 3 video instruction

  • Complete Lesson 3 Activities


  • By connecting pages and components, students explore the 3-click rule and learn how to design and build an engaging and useful application.


  • Lesson 3 Video: Connecting Pages

  • Training App – Lesson 3 Connecting Pages

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Design Concepts: 3-Click Rule

It is important to follow the 3-click rule when designing subpages. This means users will be able to get to the page they want with no more than three clicks or taps on the screen. A well-designed application follows the 3-click rule.                         

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a solution-based, dynamic process for solving complex problems. It is human-centric, thus based on how humans use a product. Everything is viewed from the perspective of the user. Products are designed according to that perspective through a series of well-defined steps. Building an app employs design thinking.


While design thinking occurs sequentially, it is not simply a linear process, but in fact is often cyclical. The designer may cycle back to rethink how a product is used from the user perspective. Building the prototype may generate a new problem of ideas. The designer may redefine the problem based on the prototype’s evaluation. And, as with all ideation, one idea leads to another, so iteration is always part of design thinking. How can a product be improved? What other products could benefit the user? Why? How?

Use design thinking as you build your application. Always consider who the user is and design from that perspective.

  • What functionality are your managing through your design?

  • How will the app"s design create a positive user experience?

  • How will the 3-click rule be applied in the design?