Appycity Designer

 Certification Course

Welcome to the Appycity Designer Certification Course. 

Over 4000 applications and 34 million users are part of the AppyCity mobile network. AppyCity applications are Navtive Applications available on the App Store or on Google Play. This course offers an opportunity for individuals to learn the fundamentals of building and designing an AppyCity application.

AppyCity is a leader in mobile marketing and has been developing effective mobile apps for cities, organizations, and businesses since 2010. Its proprietary Katana system allows for the rapid development of custom apps, with cutting-edge updates as mobile technology develops.

Course Description

With this course you will learn the basics of how to design and build an AppyCity mobile application. You will gain proficiency in using the AppyCity platform by adding versatile components to their application. Throughout the lessons, you will gain needed skills in including headers, buttons, links, documents, images, and videos in building their application.

This application building course will allow you to creatively apply your skills to design and build an engaging application. The course provides video and supplemental text instruction, Tips for Success, and common Troubleshooting challenges. You are encouraged to maintain an app building journal to note specific steps, tips, and resources to grow your app building skills. Importantly, you will learn how your future users will be able able to change and update their application’s content in real-time using AppyCity’s user-friendly online application management portal

Course Specifics

  • Length of course: 30 hours

  • 16 Guided Lessons with Video and Text Instruction

  • 22 Advanced Skills Videos



  • Complete and submit all Troubleshooting questions
  • Submit a YouTube link to a video that demonstrates the functionality of your application
  • Complete a 35 question exam multiple choice basic knowledge exam

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded AppyCity Designer certificate from PowerUp Design and AppyCity, the industry leader in Native Applications both in both the IOS and Android environments. This certificate indicates your demonstrated skills and knowledge how to build an engaging and robust Appycity application for a variety of business and municipal sectors.