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With years of platform instruction and eLearning experience, the eLearning experts at PowerUp Design are excited to build digital training lessons and videos that engage and help learners understand systems, games, products ,and user interfaces with ease.

We first break platforms down to the basics then use the fundamentals of Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate to design training that provides a solid knowledge base. Learners then advance through a building block, step by step process that produces ah-ha moments as complicated is made simple.

Our Digital Training platforms are both OIS and Android compatible so that learning is as close as a tap of a fingertip. Individuals can learn in a group environment where teams solve problems together or at their own pace from the comfort of home or office. And, the best part of digital training is that it's digital. This means that as systems change lessons are easily updated, and at anytime learners may revisit lessons to brush up on topics that may still not be fully understood. 

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