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my Digital Portfolio


The perfect solution to showcase student accomplishments and career aspirations! 

  •  Student made

  • Teacher monitored

  • School district controlled

Published (shareable) ONLY upon teacher / school request. Students cannot publish their app to make it live.

PowerUp Design offers this application to schools free, including instructional videos and support. Our goal is to help students navigate and leverage technology in ways that forward their post high school career journey. The only cost are cloud hosting fees.

Our goal is their success story!

Why a student app?

Every student should have a digital portfolio. Why?

By building a student digital portfolio, students learn how to manage an HTML environment, expand their computer science literacy, and maximize basic marketing skills through the application of design best practices.

With a digital portfolio app students showcase their achievements, highlight their goals and aspirations, and easily share information with college admission officers, potential employers, sports agents, and military recruiters.

Importantly, digital portfolios provide a media-rich venue, offering students a real world opportunity to apply their digital citizenship and literacy skills.

With digital portfolios, students develop organizational and communication skills, as well as deepen their appreciation for the iterative process as they continually improve their portfolios based on feedback and new accomplishments.

*Meets 21st century technology standards.

Student Privacy

Students can password protect pages that include such documents as letters of reference. Password protected pages are only available to specific individuals chosen by the student and his or her parents, such as school staff, college and sports recruiters, and military recruiters.

We know you need to stretch your technology dollars. We work with each school district to ensure that every student who would like to build a digital portfolio app is able to do just that. We include free teacher-built apps for classrooms that can go live when approved by the school district.

Instructional videos are included with every app.