Lesson 10 Activity

Applying Design Concepts

Events–the User Experience

An interesting art fair is scheduled to open for two days in a nearby city. Along with it will be performances by a local theater group that will require you to purchase a ticket and reserve a place in the small, community theater. You plan to attend both the art fair and an evening theater performance. You check AppyCity and are pleased to find that the nearby city is part of the AppyCity network. You open the app and tap on the Events button. What should you find?

What event categories could be added to the city’s application that would enhance the user experience for someone interested in the art fair and community theater performances? What types of information should be included on the Events page? How would you organize the Events page?

Create event categories using the design of the city app as a guide. Begin by opening your AppyCity account and clicking on the Designer tab. Then follow the steps outlined in the Lesson video: Event Categories.

Tips for Success

  • Create event categories that will answer user questions about an event.  

  • Include coupon or ticket opportunities.    

  • Test your events concept on a handful of users to determine if what you have designed in helpful for the user.

App Design J

App Design Journal

Add design notes from this lesson to your App Design Journal.

Lesson 10 Troubleshooting Questions

As an AppyCity Designer, you should be able to answer design questions posed by those new to building an AppyCity application.

  1. What is an effective way to separate types of events?

  2. What is the difference between an event category and a business or class category?