Lesson 15 Activity

Applying Design Concepts

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Learn how to add Notifications to the menu of an application by working through the steps in Lesson 15. Begin by logging into your AppyCity account and clicking on the Designer tab. Then follow the steps outlined in the Lesson 15 video Notifications.



Tips for Success

  • Keep your notifications precise and relevant.   

  • Use YouTube videos for some of your notifications.

  • Keep your notifications timely.  

  • Avoid overuse of notifications.   

App Design J

App Design Journal

Add design notes from this lesson to your App Design Journal.

Lesson 15 Troubleshooting Questions

As an AppyCity Designer, you should be able to answer design questions posed by those new to building an AppyCity application.

  1. Why is it important to provide users with a notifications settings menu option?

  2. What is the benefit of having more than one notification channel?