Lesson 1 Activity

Applying Design Concepts

1) Move to the training app.

  • Create three Root Pages.
  • Add three pages Under Current for each Root Page. The pages you add Under Current must relate in some way to the Root Page.
  • One of the Root Pages must be labeled YouTube Channel.

2) With a small amount of investigation, you should be able to determine how to add a background color to your page.

  • Add color to each of your pages.

When you have finished, you should have created three root pages and a total of nine pages Under Current , each labeled and with a background color.

SAVE YOUR WORK The Appycity platform times out after about 15 minutes of work. Work is not saved automatically, so be sure to save your work as a routine task throughout the time you are on the platform. You will use some of the pages you create in Lesson 1 in future lessons.


Tips for Success

When building Root Pages and Under Current pages, keep your labels simple and easy to identify. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 1.53.55 PM.png
App Design J

App Design Journal

Add design notes from this lesson to your App Design Journal.

Lesson 1 Troubleshooting Questions 

As an AppyCity Designer or Architect, you should be able to answer design questions posed by those new to building an AppyCity application. Individuals who are taking the Appycity Architect Certification course are required to submit their answers. Those taking the Designer course are encouraged to add their answers to their App Design Journal. 

  1. Why are several pages disconnected from each other?
  2. Is it necessary to build pages over again to better organize them? Explain why or why not. 
  3. How is a blank page deleted?