Lesson 7 Activity

Applying Design Concepts

Build a banner advertisement for your application. Begin by opening your AppyCity account and clicking on the Advertisements tab. Then follow the steps outlined in the Lesson 7 video: Advertisement Banners.

Tips for Success

  • Keep your advertisement banner visually clean and uncluttered.   

  • Use a sans serif font with a size that is can be easily read. Experiment and make changes as needed.  

  • Use color effectively. Remember to design keeping in mind perception difficulties caused by color blindness.


App Design J

App Design Journal

Add design notes from this lesson to your App Design Journal.

Lesson 7 Troubleshooting Questions

As an AppyCity Designer, you should be able to answer design questions posed by those new to building an AppyCity application.

  1. How is the color of the banner ad changed?

  2. How is an advertisement banner turned on after the total number of clicks have been used?

  3. What is the difference between an impression and a click?