Marketing Strategy

Getting Started

Please reflect on the following questions.

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What is your company's mission?
Explain how you currently forward your company's mission.
What do you hope to accomplish in the next 6 - 12 months?
Who do you want to reach? In other words, who are your ideal customers/clients?
What is your measurement of success? *
Check all that apply.
Now define your measure of success for each % you identified. For example, "25% growth in sales."
Which marketing techniques have been most effective for you? Which have not worked?
Social Media *
Check which types of social media you actively use for business.
Email Campaigns *
Do you currently run email campaigns?
Paid Ads *
Do you use online marketing campaigns? If so, which ones? Check all that apply.
Do you use analytics? Check all that apply.
Video *
Do you tell your audience about your events/products using video or webinars?
What is your anticipated marketing budget?
What is the most important thing you want your audience to know about your company?