Digital Portfolio Apps

In the past many students would pull together a portfolio on a free website as best they could to share their interests and accomplishments. Yet, today students are looking to the phones to fill the role that desktops once held. How much easier it would be for students to have portfolio app that could be changed, improved, and when appropriate, easily shared.

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Making the Most of Fonts

“Give me 26 lead soldiers

and I will conquer the world.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

The 26 letters of the alphabet, Franklin’s lead soldiers, today come in an array of shapes and sizes, all available as a quick find with a few keystrokes. Finding the right font is part of the fun of designing. Fonts add energy to a design and can create a particular mood. So which font should you use? It’s not always an easy decision. Let’s take a look at the choices.

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The Power of PWAs

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are reliable, easily install on a home screen, and offer high user engagement. Google reports that 53% of users disengage from a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Three seconds! With quick load times, lowered bounce rate, seamless scrolling, and in-app product display and payment options, PWAs provide consumers with the perfect shopping solution.

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