The Power of PWAs


Thinking about adding a company app?

Post written by Beverly Vaillancourt, CPO PowerUp Design

Having a company app is a very smart idea! Just look at the facts:

According to recent reports highlighted by BusinessofApps,

  • 18-24 year olds spend over 93 mobile app hours a month on smartphones - a whopping 3.2 hours/day on digital media. Older groups spend less time, but not by much!

  • By far, music, social media, games, YouTube, and Amazon are the most popular apps.

  • Amazon has replaced Facebook as the must have app among 18 - 24 year olds, but Facebook remains a favored app among all age groups.

  • On average people use 9 apps (3 most frequently) /day and 30/month.

And then there’s the trends

  • More time is being spent on mobile devices than on desktops. It’s a trend that is expected to continue,

  • Mobile devices used for listening to music, playing games, connecting with others, and shopping should continue to trend upwards.

Smartphones are driving consumer spending. Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is here to stay and growing! According to Smart Insights, purchases from mobile devices are expected to reach $250 billion by 2020. Want to reach the m-commerce consumer? The key to unlocking app engagement turns on three main factors:

  • load time

  • easy of use

  • easy payment options


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are reliable, easily install on a home screen, and offer high user engagement. Google reports that 53% of users disengage from a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Three seconds! With quick load times, lowered bounce rate, seamless scrolling, and in-app product display and payment options, PWAs provide consumers with the perfect shopping solution. And, while there are countless native apps available for download from the app stores, sorting through the good, the bad, and the waste of time can be a never-ending chore.


PWAs, on the other hand, are shared via URL by email, text message, or by scanning a QR code. Best yet, they work on demand, are available on and offline, and consume little memory or data.

And, they aren’t downloaded. Instead they simply are added to the home screen for easy launch. Group pages can be set up. Reviews activated. Photos. Hyperlinks. PDFs easily uploaded. Custom forms. Plus, unique page URLs drive SEO!

Progressive web apps also allow for API integration, bringing all your business tools to one place such as scheduling appointments and chat lines. Push notifications engage users and personalize the company-client experience.

The list of what can be accomplished with a progressive web app is almost endless. Best of all, the design is defined by your company, from branding to features to the app icon. Customized design creates a unique app that showcases your company’s products and services, and visually engages your customers for a great user experience.

To find out more about this perfect, customized business solution for your company, contact PowerUp Design.