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A progressive web functions like a native app, but is instead a mobile app delivered through the web. There is no need to download a progressive web app. Instead it is simply added to a home screen once the link is shared through a text message, email, or QR code, and runs within the web browser. The app loads instantly and displays the most recent version of the app upon launching.

Progressive Web Apps are engaging, easy to use, easy to build. Add “Reviews” to your app and watch your SEO grow. A Progressive Web App provides the best features found in Native Apps and Mobile Friendly Websites all within one easy to share application. 


Best yet - should you prefer an app available for download from Google Play or the App Store (native app), PowerUp Design can submit the app for you. All changes to your web app immediately reflect on an app downloaded from one of the app stores.



Connect with your customers by sending targeted messages and offers to keep your customers coming back and recommending your restaurant to others. 


Increase your brand presence and customer volume as you climb to the top of search results. 


Automate your business functions. Increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. Free staff to manage activities that help to grow your business.

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Ease of Use 

Web Apps are easily added to a home screen instead of downloaded. Watch how easy it is!