Dynamic Videos that Showcase 

Great videos can turn your favorite memories, services, and products from ho-hum into WOW!  And, it's what PowerUp Design does so well. By utilizing multiple software platforms we transform basic video into dynamic and memorable moments. 

Creating professional looking videos requires the right software, and a lot of software know-how and time. For some it's a enjoyable challenge, for others is a hands in the air annoyance. 

If you would like your videos to have that professional touch but prefer not to spend your time and resources making that happen, contact Steve at PowerUp Design. Steve will turn your videos into showcase moments that people will want to watch over and over again. 


We offer a range of professional video editing services.


How it works! 

  1. Tell us about your video. What story or message do you want to convey?
  2. Upload your footage to our secure server.
  3. We will create your video story.
  4. We adjust color, add special effect, and add copyright free music.
  5. We can add titles, transitions, credits, and other text effects. 
  6. We offer three video iterations for no additional cost. 
  7. Then just download your final video and enjoy sharing your story!